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Bike Commuting

For the last few weeks I’ve been commuting into work via bike. I love it!! When I was commuting from Fitchburg it would take me around two hours each way, car then train then walking, to get to work. It was awful!! Now that I live in Somerville, biking into work takes around 18-25 minutes. Not only is it significantly faster, but it’s a much more enjoyable experience. I love biking without headphones in so I have time to think. It gives a nice transitional period between work and home without needing to fill it with endless content and media.

stava bike statistics, showing 45 miles biked total from july 1st to july 7th
Strava stats from last week

I’ve been riding my black 21 speed bike, but my dad recently gave me his single-speed fuji that I’d love to ride in with. Sadly the rear brake isn’t great, and that can be essential when navigating between cars. Hopefully I can find the time to go to a bike shop soon and have them figure that out!