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hello! I’m nathan wentworth, I make video games and websites. I like using vanilla/ES6 JavaScript, Unity C#, and Python. Recently I’ve been into making CLI tools and server-side web apps.

I’m interested in open source software and creative programming. I like fun music, video games, and taking photos.

Feel free to email me or talk to me on twitter/mastodon! Follow updates on this site with RSS: posts, projects, and recommendations.

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  • web
    what's happening online
    an archive of twitter trending topics by brian feldman, an unintentional memorial to twitter and the trending curators


  • music
    Fantasy by Bodysync
    legit one of my fav songs of the year, i’ve listened so many times. that ‘but you’re so’ beat change at 0:22 RULES


  • tv
    Bocchi the Rock!
    SUPER fun anime, incredibly funny, well animated, and wonderfully heartfelt


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  • get in losers on Tumblr

    The lefts descent into obsession with identity politics means all these boys get from these spaces is essentially being told they're inherently monstrous or will grow up to be so. 12 year old boys are not evil. They're children. And they're susceptible to manipulation from these fucks on the right who have sadly correctly identified that large swathes of the left will ignore and shun them. People turn to extremist factions when they feel ignored and dehumanised.

  • zoda coo on Twitter: "miyazaki making porco rosso: please god give me spunky redhead mechanic gf less than half my age who will dote on me and call me a grumpy old ojisan pleaase oshii making patlabor 2: Enough of this tomfoolery [swats gunpla off table]

    miyazaki making porco rosso: please god give me spunky redhead mechanic gf less than half my age who will dote on me and call me a grumpy old ojisan pleaase

    Ogura: Usually he's very critical of other people's works. Did you hear what he had to say about Porco Rosso? Anno: Oh, I'm critical of Porco Rosso, myself. Tomino: What was wrong with Porco? Anno: As a picture, nothing. But because I know Miyazaki-san personally, I can't view it objectively. His presence in the film is too conspicuous, it's no good. In other words... it feels like he's showing off. Tomino: How so? Anno: He has the main character act all self-deprecating, calling himself a pig... but then puts him in a bright red plane, has him smoking all cool-like, even creates a love triangle between a cute young thing and a sexy older lady. Tomino: Ha! I see what you mean. He and I are around the same age, though. So I get how he feels, unconditionally. So I may think, "Oh boy..." but I can't stay mad at him (laughs).
    Mamoru Oshii:
    Porco Rosso-- In short, it's a personal novel (shi shyousetsu).[3] He (Miya-san as Porco?) put on such airs and spoke such flashy lines, posing as a pirate, but that's all self-excusing. I think it would have been good if the ending was such that he took off the pig's head, and Miya- san's face showed up underneath it, (saying) "I'm sorry." I think it would have been a fine film if the hero was a pig who could only say "Oink Oink," but he was very good at air battles.

  • hi. — It's so crazy how "Don't feed the trolls" was like...

    It's so crazy how "Don't feed the trolls" was like the Motto of the internet & in forum culture of the 00s and early 10s and now you log onto a certain website and it's just an endless sea of people pouring gruel into the troll trough day in day out and no one seems to realize or care that their internet experience being a constant deluge of misery and bad faith discussion might in fact be their own fault

  • Discord, or the Death of Lore « ASCII by Jason Scott

    Discord is not an archive Treat it like a refrigerator with piles of post-it notes on front that constantly fall off when you reach inside to grab a beer anything else and you're fooling yourself

  • Tech veganism | Read the Tea Leaves

    Generation Z has grown up with smartphones and app stores as an inescapable fact of their lives. Does anyone under 21 actually care whether the code on their phone is open-source and whether, Stallman-style, they can dive into an Objective-C file and change something? Probably not many. Does anyone in that demographic care about their phone’s impact on their anxiety, their quality time with friends and family, and their safety from harassment and abuse? Probably a lot more. In my opinion, this change is a good thing. You shouldn’t have to enter an elite tech priesthood just to preserve your privacy, security, and safety online. Tech veganism should be as easy as regular veganism – it should just be an option on the menu. That doesn’t mean that it won’t suffer from many of the same problems as regular veganism, but at least it will be democratized.

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