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Hi! I’m nathan wentworth, I make video games and websites. I like using vanilla/ES6 JavaScript, Unity C#, and Python. Recently I’ve been into making CLI tools and server-side web apps.

I’m interested in design, open source software, minimalism, fashion, and human-focused technology. I like fun music, video games, and taking photos.

Currently working for FableVision Studios.

Feel free to email me or talk to me on twitter! Follow updates on this site with RSS: posts, projects, and recommendations.

Things I Like


  • music
    Sturm by Clouds
    yet another incredible track from clouds as part of their Arkiv series




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    IIDX 27 PC specs CPU - i5-9400F RAM - DDR4-2133 8GB GPU - GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1650 1530MHz 4GB Sound card - ASUS Xonar AE Storage - Innodisk 2.5” SATA SSD 3ME3 256GB

  • mousefountain on game tech

    I feel deeply ambivalent about a lot of art / tech things in games because I really respect the care and craftsmanship that goes into them but also find them to be totally ignoble pursuits where every...

  • jstn - using a vt220 terminal with a mac

    tumblr employee justin/jstn set up a vt220 serial terminal to act as a remote terminal for his mac pro

  • Idolm@ster and the mechanics of depression - Kill Screen

    Chihaya is an anomaly among the other girls—she’s a reluctant idol. She dances but hates practicing. She grows frustrated when prompted to change into a different outfit. She half-heartedly grins in the presence of her shadowy, omnipresent Producer, afraid to disappoint you at every turn. She’s asocial, and hardly hangs out with her peers or finds enjoyment in other hobbies (outside of listening to classical music). Instead, she focuses on singing, her only passion in the realm of her broadly defined career as an idol. In an earnest declaration, Chihaya believes that if she could no longer sing, she’d rather die. Singing keeps Chihaya alive. This is because Chihaya suffers from chronic depression, onset by witnessing the death of her younger brother as a child and her parents’ subsequent divorce. While Idolm@ster never takes the step to explicitly label Chihaya’s suffering as chronic depression, it doesn’t need to. The signs are all there. This is Idolm@ster using Chihaya’s personal struggle with depression as an astoundingly accurate in-game function. Despite the existence of the Chihaya Spiral, it’s important to note that Chihaya isn’t perpetually in despair. When she succeeds, she still inches forward, her tension meter snails its way upward. She has her good days, just as she has her bad days. Chihaya is not solely her depression.

  • real organic human experience, it’s interesting how many op-eds were written...

    it’s interesting how many op-eds were written about how children born in the late 90s-onward were digital natives that would go on to become extremely versatile in tech when the reality is that tech becoming more consumer oriented nipped the incentive for a lot of kids to explore beyond the services offered to them. not knowing how to torrent things is only the tip of the iceberg and tech illiteracy is only going to continue to climb as the cultural shift from computers to phones becomes more pronounced in coming years. I used to joke that people in the late aughts saw laptops as like, $700 facebook machines but the modern comparison is that people see laptops as $1200 subscription service for media they don’t own machines.

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