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hello! I’m nathan wentworth, I make video games and websites. I like using vanilla/ES6 JavaScript, Unity C#, and Python. Recently I’ve been into making CLI tools and server-side web apps.

I’m interested in open source software and creative programming. I like fun music, video games, and taking photos.

Feel free to email me or talk to me on twitter/mastodon! Follow updates on this site with RSS: posts, projects, and recommendations.

Things I Like



  • music
    Sturm by Clouds
    yet another incredible track from clouds as part of their Arkiv series




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  • NFTs Were Supposed to Protect Artists. They Don't. - The Atlantic

    One major challenge is that the blockchain has, at present, approximately zero uses for the typical consumer. Theoretical uses abound, but no ordinary person is choosing a blockchain-based technology over its traditional counterpart. More than a decade after blockchains first caught tech geeks’ eye, not a single smartphone app that you use with friends or co-workers relies on that technology. By contrast, when the web was the same age that bitcoin is today, it had half a billion users around the world.

  • Saving copies of everything is like low-budget p2p - by Gordon Brander

    - What if the browser was local-first? - What if websites showed up as files and folders on my computer? - What if the browser saved a local copy of everything I bookmark? - What if I had my own personal wayback machine? - What if I had a little local Google that could search the full text of everything I’ve ever saved? - What if I could open website files, edit, and remix them? Add links. Mark them up with highlights Write margin notes. - What if the whole web was built around copying/remixing/sharing?

  • The Man Who Helped Turn 4chan Into the Internet's Racist Engine

    The internet is one of the most powerful technologies the world has ever known, but why that power so often results in dehumanizing and hurting people is not as mysterious as we sometimes assume. It is the direct result of the choices people with control over internet platforms make.

  • Keeping Quiet, Pablo Neruda

  • The visceral wonders of Ecco2k | The FADER

    “I don’t know if I believe in the true self, to be honest,” he admits. “I think who you are is not something that is dictated by an unchanging static character core. I think who you are is what you fill yourself with. In that sense, I don’t think it’s a destination to get to. This is something that will always be changing, and it’s something that I’ll be exploring until I’m not here anymore.”

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