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hello~! welcome to my ~website~

I like programming, fun music, video games, animation, movies, and taking photos! I love picking up new hobbies every few months, maybe I’ll post about some of them in my blog?? I love sharing things I’m into, which you can find in my recommendations section!

Feel free to email me or talk to me on twitter/mastodon! Follow updates on this site with RSS: posts & recommendations.

Things I Like

  • web
    ita toys
    the PEAK of web design, wonderful site about j-fashion
  • web
    what's happening online
    an archive of twitter trending topics by brian feldman, an unintentional memorial to twitter and the trending curators

Recent Anime

  • Dead Dead Demon's Dededededestruction

    Dead Dead Demon's Dededededestruction

  • Yoru no Kurage wa Oyogenai

    Yoru no Kurage wa Oyogenai

  • Dungeon Meshi

    Dungeon Meshi

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  • omg new burial burial.bandcamp.com/album/phon

  • @edwellbrook yesss one of my favs on that album

  • a white 65-key keyboard with white keycaps with multi-colored accent keys, and a maple wood accent on the top bezel of the keyboard

    got my mode sixtyfive n_n (+ DSA milkshake, NK silk yellow)

  • a list of concert dates:
- porter robinson
- prawn
- lamp
- pianos become the teeth
- boa
- mass of the fermenting dregs
- atarashii gakko
- chinese football
- godspeed you black emperor

    slowly but surely filling out my entire fall with concerts

  • a partially eaten everything/all dressed bagel

    fairmount all dressed bagel is so good........ i'm gonna be so sad when i run out of the dozen i brought back

  • okay montreal kinda rules

  • original text:

    i get that DeepL is weird with some stuff but why is it translating "180cm" as "6'4"" lmao

  • hello friends i'm gonna be in montreal next week if anyone has any recs (especially for bagels) 👀

  • the arcade walking distance from me changed their stepmaniaX cab to be cheaper per song and actually put it online, you love to see it

  • @splendorr discord is probably the easiest! though it depends on your video source since some streaming services will black out the video (i think due to hardware acceleration?)

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Recent Bookmarks

  • Is there a previous frame hotkey? VLC - The VideoLAN Forums

    incredible support forum thread asking why VLC can't have a previous frame hotkey > users desire a practical feature, however a developer, instead, desires an opportunity to explain why the data structures of enough video formats resemble one-way linked-lists so the feature is "algorithmically impossible", users counter with examples of other pieces of software that implement the feature, the gymnastics begin, and it becomes apparent to us, if not the people involved, that a fundamental philosophical debate is occurring about the nature of what 'solving a problem' even means

    Tue, Jun 18, 2024
  • sh is for shell - nnnnnnnn.co

    a website can be just a bunch of files. we can write a script to mush text and images and links together, so we can focus on making more text and images and links instead of managing websites. writing your own script means you can maybe change it when needed.

    Tue, Jun 18, 2024
  • There's Nothing Scarier Than a Hungry Woman - Electric Literature

    I thought I was tired of the narrative that tells us women’s hunger is radical, but what I was really tired of, I think, was the culture that has generated the necessity of these narratives in the first place. It wasn’t my exhaustion with women’s hunger itself, but with the binary way conversations about it are so often framed, as if a woman eating can only be pitiful failing or epic victory. Horror offers a place where conversations about appetite might be more nuanced, able to hold both shame and desire at once, both repulsion and delight. In horror, a woman’s hunger exists caught up in her shame, her curiosity, her anger, her desire, but that hunger falls on neither side of a moral dichotomy—not even in Raw’s gory depiction of cannibalism, which encourages us to view Justine, before anything else, as a young woman grappling with her desires. Women’s hunger in horror is presented as neither failure nor victory, as neither inherently shameful nor a source of pride. It is allowed, instead, to exist in its complexity.

    Sat, May 11, 2024
  • On digital footprints and my nerdy high school obsessions | Drinking with Skeletons

    Everyone has digital time capsules of their own. Maybe it's emails you sent. Maybe it's a high score on a leaderboard of some 20 year old computer game. They're deeply personal and it can feel a little indulgent to talk about. A lot of the people I played games with back in the day may read this and be like "So what?" Time marches on. We all grew up and moved on with our lives. I still do like to feel a little wistful about them though. Logging into my Xbox account feels like driving back to my hometown to visit my parents. My friends' houses are still there but they've long moved away. I still have all the memories of the time we've spent, and I may still be in touch with them, but it'll never be the same as it was back when we were kids. Video games have been a part of my life for so long, but when I look back at little time capsules like this, I realize it's less about the game itself and more the moments you share with your loved ones playing them that really stick with you. Do I remember much of the plot of Halo? Not really, but I'll remember a half dozen bikes parked in the driveway of my neighbor's house and all my friends lounging in the basement passing controllers around. I wonder how they're all doing these days.

    Sat, Apr 27, 2024
  • Tucker Edwards on Twitter: "Haha, what a wicked and ironic comment bro. Now try saying someting true and beautiful."

    Haha, what a wicked and ironic comment bro. Now try saying someting true and beautiful.

    Fri, Apr 12, 2024
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