About Me

hello! I’m nathan wentworth, I make video games and websites. I like using vanilla/ES6 JavaScript, Unity C#, and Python. Recently I’ve been into making CLI tools and server-side web apps.

I’m interested in open source software and creative programming. I like fun music, video games, and taking photos.

Feel free to email me or talk to me on twitter/mastodon! Follow updates on this site with RSS: posts, projects, and recommendations.

Things I Like


  • music
    Fantasy by Bodysync
    legit one of my fav songs of the year, i’ve listened so many times. that ‘but you’re so’ beat change at 0:22 RULES


  • tv
    Bocchi the Rock!
    SUPER fun anime, incredibly funny, well animated, and wonderfully heartfelt




Recent posts

  • if you sign up for last.fm you can get fun stat charts whenever you want *and* it's not tied to spotify n_n

  • that new need for speed game is prettttty fun so far, though the NPCs need to stop talking over charli 😤😤😤 youtube.com/watch?v=VI5VkI6QdO

  • LOVE this track off RYUTist's new album, very unsurprising it's produced by a pas tasta member lol youtube.com/watch?v=l6wV5Plbh1

  • writing down places i want to go to in japan and so far it's all just mountains featured in yama no susume (and mogra)

  • @edwellbrook i could be wrong, but i'm pretty sure it's up to the moderators of the instance it was posted on to do anything about it. it's why some smaller instances have defederated other instances that have consistently bad moderation

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Recent Bookmarks

  • The Songs That Bind - The New York Times

    But I did find it interesting how clear the patterns were and how much early adolescence matters. The key years, in fact, match closely with the end of puberty, which tends to happen to girls before boys. This also adds one more piece of evidence to the growing scientific consensus that we never really leave middle school and high school. For both men and women, their early 20s were half as influential in determining adult musical tastes as their early teens.

  • what do you want from the internet? - by Brian Feldman

    It’s a good time to ask yourself: What do you really want from the internet? Do you want thousands of followers or a few dozen pals to chat with? Both? Why? What tangible steps are you taking to actually make that happen? How can you realign yourself mentally, to accept the uncertainty of things you can’t control and build stability and sustainability where you can? At the end of the day, the core of Twitter was a box you could drop stuff into and then the stuff would get flung out to a bunch of other people. Countless boxes similar to this exist elsewhere on the internet. You can even build the box yourself. I’m using one of those boxes right now. If you’re sad about the end of Twitter, I have good news: there’s a bunch of other cool stuff on the internet, and people — perhaps even you — are going to keep making more.

  • Behind TikTok’s boom: A legion of traumatised, $10-a-day content moderators — The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (en-GB)

    “If you’re looking at this from a monetary perspective, then content moderation AI can’t compete with $1.80 an hour,” Carthy said, referring to a typical wage for content moderators based in the global south. “If that’s the only dimension you’re looking at, then no content moderation AI company can compete with that.”

  • Is it Classist to be Against Fast Fashion? – Put This On

    In the US, this industry mostly employs Latino, Afro-Caribbean, and Southeast Asian workers, many of whom are first-generation immigrants. Many issues afflict these workers’ labor conditions, some structural. However, one significant factor is the low cost of fast fashion imports. When consumers can buy a $12 shirt from Shein, they begin to believe that a $40 shirt is overpriced, lowering wages even for garment workers who aren’t producing fast fashion. I understand that it can be difficult to build a quality wardrobe in this day and age, but fast fashion is creating the very poverty and racial inequality that Shein supporters use to justify their purchases. No one needs to look trendy. You can build a quality wardrobe and look stylish without worsening things for some of the most marginalized people in the world.

  • Kendra (regular version) on Twitter: "Me watching some high fantasy shit: I would simply not be corrupted by the magical object. If it is actively harming you why don’t you just put it down. Idiot Me receiving psychic damage 23 hours a day from my phone

    Me watching some high fantasy shit: I would simply not be corrupted by the magical object. If it is actively harming you why don’t you just put it down. Idiot Me receiving psychic damage 23 hours a day from my phone: Ouuughhhh oouuuuwwwwaaaaaa ooaaaaghuuuuuhhhowwgahhhhh guuuuuwah

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